Is it safe in South Africa ?

South Africa is very a safe place for international travelers  However, it’s sensible to take normal precautions while travelling, particularly while in the city.  Our hunting guests and their families are normally only in a large city when we meet you at the Customs exit at OR Tambo airport.  

Hartzview Hunting Safaris recommends the use of travelers checks or credit cards rather than large amounts of cash just as when you travel to other adventure destinations.  Remember that every one of the staff at Hartzview Hunting Safaris is committed to the health and safety of you and your family while you are in our care.  The Hartzview Safaris staff will be with you and your family the entire time of your safari, from picking you up at OR Tambo Airport until dropping you off at the airport for your departure. 

The areas where we will be hunting are typically quite rural and crime is not a significant problem at all.  Your Professional Hunters will see to it that you don’t get into any questionable situations on your safari.  No visiting hunters or their families have ever been harmed while in the care of Hartzview Hunting Safaris.  We invite you and your family to relax and enjoy the sights, the sounds, the wonders that are Africa.


What do I need to enter South Africa ?


You and your family members will need a passport that is valid 6 months beyond your departure date.  Make sure you have at least 2 blank pages in each passport for visa stamps, more if you are adding stops to other countries in your itinerary.  In 2004, the South African Passport control required you to have a front and back page blank that is titled Visa.  Don’t check that when you are on the airplane filling out your immigration form.  Citizens from the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Spain do not require a Visa.

Make a copy of your passport and put it in a bag that is separate from where you keep your passport.  It is much easier to obtain a new passport if you have a copy of your passport.  If you lose your passport, contact the US Embassy.

How do I get there ?

From the US, we recommend South African Airways.  They fly direct flights from Chicago O’Hare, Washington Dulles and New York JFK Airports to Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) and from OR Tambo a short 1hour flight to Kimberley Airport (KIM) where one of our PH’s will be waiting on your arrival.  From Kimberley Hartzview Hunting Safaris base camp is only a short 1hour and 40minute drive.

You’ll need to plan ahead as flights are quite crowded during hunting season.  Also, not all the flights go directly to Johannesburg.  Some of them stop in Cape Town before arriving Johannesburg.  This option adds five more hours to an already long trip.  We can make travel arrangements for you or you can use a travel agent.  We use and highly recommend you use a travel agent experienced in travelling to Africa.  If you have frequent flyer miles, you’ll need to deal directly with your specific airline.  Plan ahead at least 6 months for this as the frequent flyer seats go very quickly. 


What other places can I visit before or after my Safari ?

South Africa have allot to offer as a tourist destination ,to think it's only about the size of Texas.

The following are great places to visit, talk to your travel agent of search for these places online to read more :

Sun City

Sun City

Sun city is the Africa version of Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Cape Town

Cape Town has a fast veriity of activities including , Wine Routes and diving with the Grate Whites.


What clothing do we need?

The most important thing for this hunt is good footwear.  We highly recommend leather boots that are well broken in as well as high quality hiking socks.  This is NOT the trip to break in a new pair of boots or to wear cheap socks.  You may be walking a great deal, and blisters on a safari are no fun.  An extra pair of boot laces is nice to have just in case one breaks.  You may want to bring camp shoes so you can get out of your boots if you like.

Kalahari Bushmen

Long pants or shorts are both good while hunting.  Pants with legs that zip out and convert to shorts can be quite handy. 

Thick layered clothing for this hunt.  It will be quite cool in the morning but usually will warm up during the day.  Having a nice, warm jacket, a pull over fleece or a sweater you can take off later in the day works well. You will want to bring a pair of warm gloves for the cold mornings as well.  A light rain jacket is also a great idea in case you encounter an extremely rare wet day on your hunt.

As far as color of clothing, camouflage is great if you prefer.  Dark clothing such as olive, dark green and dark tan also works well.  It’s best to avoid light colored khaki clothing if at all possible. 

Don’t forget a hat or cap of your choosing for skin protection.

Belt and a cartridge holder can make life much easier for you during the hunt.

Your laundry is done every day except Sunday so we recommend four pair of undergarments, 4 pair of socks, three shirts and three pants/shorts for your stay.

Most of our hunting guests and their families wear their hunting clothes for dinner as we retire to the fire before and after dinner on most nights.  If you wish to have some other comfortable clothes to wear to dinner, a sweat suit, or jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt would be fine.

What personal items should I bring?

What you bring is up to you, but here are items that at least one hunting guest or family member has said, “I wish I had brought ________” or “I forgot my ___________.”

Camera and more film (SD Cards)  than you think you need!

Video Camera, tapes, battery charger and extra battery

Eyeglasses, Contacts, Sunglasses


Flashlight and batteries

220 to 110 voltage converter and adapter plug

Good reading material.  It’s a long plane ride.

Camera and Video camera!

Pocket knife or scissors – PACK IN CHECKED LUGGAGE

Diary and writing penAny medical prescriptions and allergy medicines

Insect Repellent with at least 35% DEET

Band aids and mole skin



Lip balm with sunscreen

Personal toiletries, shaving or cosmetic kit


Warm jacket and gloves

Camp shoes

Small sewing kit with buttons

Camera and Video camera! 

The sun is very intense here even though it may not be summer time.  Make very sure you pack sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen to protect yourself while you are in sunny Africa.