2010 Lion / Lioness Special

As most of us know PETA and other anti hunting organizations are fighting to close down Lion hunting in the whole of Africa. They have allready succeeded in closing down some of our neigbouring countrys like Botswana and parts of Zambia. Here is a qoute from the head of the predators association of South Africa - 


“Its a total disaster for us,” Carel van Heerden, the head of the predators association of South Africa, said in an interview from Vryburg in northern South Africa. “It’s a whole industry that will be closed down. The court is our only alternative. We don’t have anybody that is prepared to listen to us.”

Currently South Africa is the most affordable country to hunt lion, for now…. Hunting organizations like PHASA and SCI have been fighting in courts of South Africa for the last 5 years to stop these anti hunting organizations from banning lion hunting in South Africa.
Once the “anti hunting organizations” get their way or even just get us to hunt less lions the prices will sky rocket. Some estimates are that you will pay triple the current price for a lion hunt.
Hartzview Hunting Safaris specializes in big cat hunting and has one of the best lion hunting concessions in South Africa. The concession is a 15 000acre ranch in the Kalahari dessert, with lions and other plains game roaming freely at this moment.
We invite you on a adrenaline packed hunt of a lifetime pursueing the most skilled and dangerous hunter of the African Big 5 on foot in the Kalahari dessert of South Africa while it is still affordable. Our professional hunters have more than 250 hunts under their belts to assure of your safety and top quality trophies.
2010 Male/Female Combo Package
The package includes:
7x Days of hunting,
1x Male Lion,
1x Female Lion,
Luxuriuos accomodation,
All meals and drinks,
Transportation from the airport to concession and back to the airport,
* Other species also available at regular prices on the priceslist,
* Extra days can be added at regula prices on the pricelist,
Total price of package: $25 500
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Thank you,
Hartzview Hunting Safaris