Wild Bill's Brisket Recipe

Beef Brisket Menu

Items Needed


1. Large (PendingSize of Brisket) Throw away Alum Pan

2. Knorr MushroomGray Mix

3. Knorr Pepper CornMix

4. McCormickMesquite Seasoning

5. New Holland Redcooking Wine

6. Mushrooms Two Packs

7. Parsley, Oliveoil

8. Garlic, salt,pepper

9. Corn Starch

10. Garlic

11. Alum Foil Cooking


1. Add seasoning to Meat in a Sip Lock Bag. Garlic,Red wine, Mesquite, Salt, Pepper, Seal put in frig for about 1 HR,

2. Drain Meat, Cook on the grill, Flame it get a Goodbrown crust on it, Put In Pan with 1 cup water and ½ cup Red Cooking Wine ,seal pan completely cook at 300 degrees for 4.5 to 3 hrs, Do Not cook unCovered !!

3. After cooking, remove Meet from pan and save thedrippings. Wrap the meat with plastic wrap, then in a Plastic bag Put in frigcool down for 4 Hrs or So.

4. Cook the mushrooms with Olive Oil garlic andButter. , Until Golden Brown cookcovered .

5. When Mushrooms are Just about ready add parsley ½ cupsred Wine, Mix the Gravy mix and Pepper Corn Mix add with one cup cold water(Mix the Mix in a Shaker then Pour it in the Mushroom ) cook until thicker thanSoup ( If you like and have saved some of the Dripping for the Meat cooking addsome of this to the Mushrooms ) ,If still two thin ( In a small shaker , added 2 table spoons of Cornstarch with ½ cup Sherry CookingWine Or red Wine, Make sure it is a Cold Mixture with the Corn starch) Add thisto the Mushrooms, this should thicken it up.

6. Slice meat on a cookie sheet. Add this to the drainedPan by sliding it off the cookie sheet. Add all of the Mushrooms and Gravy mixon top of the Meat. Cover with Foil warp Tight

7. Can be put back in the oven 1 hr before you serve it,at 200 to 225 degrees.