Great Deal on Lion Hunt (BEWARE!!)

Hey guys,

Lion hunting in South Africa is a very sensitive topic and I don’t want to stir up too much with this post but need to get this out of my mind and under clients attention intrested in booking a lion hunt in South Africa.

I was at the Harrisburg show the last week and it came to my attention that there was a fair amount of people coming to my booth intrested in booking a lionhunt asking me if I could provide them with the same deal as another outfitter at the show.

Here is this the deal.

“Book a male lion of $25 000 in 2011 and that same cat will grow to be as big as a cat currently worth $35 000 in a years time!”

I almost fell right on my back when I heard this the first, second and third time!

I had the clients sit down and explained to them carefully:

1. A spesific lion does not grow that much in a years time.

2. Cats that we hunt that has blonde mane will most probably never have darker or black mane as it is all in the genes of the lion. They are all mature lions.

3. Usually the higher priced cats are darker or black maned lions.

Then you see the excitement float away…

I have hunted many lion with a lot of clients and never had a dissapointed client because we do straight forward and honest business. I feel like it is situations like this is what confuses clients about hunting Africa. And it makes it even more difficult for honest outfitters to make a living.

What will happen is that the client will book the huntbecause it is such a “great deal”. Comes 2012 he willhunt a lion and when he shoots his lion it WILL be a dissapointment to him, it will not be the cat he expected if it even is the lion he had booked!

Good luck with the 2011 season to outfitters and clients hunting Africa.

Best regards,
Jacques Spamer